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Positioning clients in front of consumers in innovative and engaging ways to create awareness and build sales.

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When a client needs advertising services, we ignore the pretty story boards. We look at the client's internal sales spreadsheets, roll up our sleeves and get to work to help them with their ROI. We are in it for the long haul. We treat their business as if it is our own. Our clients need us the most right now and we don't disappoint. We ARE the experts! 

With all the different types of advertising available, making sure you’re being seen and heard can take large amounts of your time away from running your business. As a full-service digital and traditional advertising agency, Kelly & Co Advertising Agency takes that pain away and lets you get back to running your company.

Of all the things we offer our clients, perhaps the most priceless is the opportunity to reclaim your work day. Hours of market research, marketing articles, media phone calls, advertising invoices, co-op budgets, and bringing your marketing vision to life - these are all tasks you can replace on your calendar with one To-Do item: Call Kelly & Co Advertising Agency, where your business is our business.


What Clients Are Saying

What Clients are Saying

What Clients Are Saying

What Clients are Saying

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"Kelly and Co took our website from lackluster at best to a sharp, easily navigated, professional looking website and obtained every goal we were looking to achieve!"

- Deric Davis, On-Premise Sales Manager

Inventory Capital Solutions

"Alex & Team were fantastic to work with throughout all phases of our project, exhibiting responsiveness, quick action, novel ideas, and sage direction at all times. Most importantly, despite engaging them for a relatively small project, their priority level in completing our project on-time and within budget matched that of our own organization, which truly is a testament to Kelly & Co.'s service oriented culture.

- Jordan Hodges, Sales & Marketing Director


"Kelly & Company has helped us understand today's consumer. They have dramatically upgraded our website and our presence on the web through social media. They made my life easier by taking over the responsibilities of purchasing advertising for radio, TV, and newspaper. Where I thought I was getting better pricing for not using an ad agency, I found out just the opposite. They have done a great job of utilizing all potential co-op for our company and claiming and tracking it."

- Mark Weaver


"It is so nice to have Kelly & Co represent my business for all my advertising needs because it saves me an enormous amount of time that I don't have to spend with all the media reps along with all the paper work.  My invoices and checks being wrote out are now ONE instead of multiples.  They put together an annual media plan within my budget and my sales have significantly increased! I can sit back, relax and not have to worry about a thing."

- Troy Well


"A few years ago I came to the conclusion that being the dealer principal in our business DID NOT make me the marketing expert.  Kelly & Co has filled that need and has brought fresh ideas with a professional and consistent message to our diverse customer base.  Our relationship has helped me to concentrate more of my time on what I DO BEST. "

- Greg German


"Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your handling of our advertising.  You have been very timely in managing all of our different vendors and have taken a large burden off of our plate. I also wanted to thank you for having us try your production team.  They did a fabulous job and saved us money from a comparable production company.  Thank you for all your hard work."

- Rick Butler

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"It has been suprisingly cost effective.  It is a different business model than the traditional advertising agencies. Kelly & Co got me better prices than I have ever received."

- Todd Strong

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