Whether it was the World Series or the presidential election, we've seen the impact that long-term planning can have on the outcome of a contest. Both the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs had to start planning well before the start of the season to put teams in place that could make it to the postseason, and those teams had to be adjusted throughout the season in reaction to injuries, the impact of other teams, and ultimately, management of resources to make it to Game 7 of the World Series. The plans they put in place allowed them to leave that day knowing that they had done everything they could, left everything on the field, and made the contest as close as they possibly could to outlast some serious competition.

Similarly, in the 2016 presidential election cycle, we saw a lot of candidates vying for only a few spots on the ballot, and the successful candidates were vying neck and neck late into the night as ballots were counted down to the wire. Those candidates had to put a plan into place well before the start of the election cycle, determine their positions on major issues, and examine how to outmaneuver their opponents to ultimately reach that Tuesday in November. Regardless of which candidate you supported, both camps put forth a tremendous amount of effort using a stunning level of logistical detail on a national level to end up less than two-tenths of a percent apart.

What are you and your company doing TODAY to plan for 2017? What is your 10th inning strategy? What will give you that two-tenths of a percent that you need to succeed over a competitor in your market? If that plan doesn't include a comprehensive advertising plan, it should. Call us today for a free consultation, and we'll show you how partnering with an advertising agency can get you better rates, match your message to your target customers, and ultimately increase your market presence.


Kelly Alexander & the KCo Staff