(With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore and my college English professor Marc Hudson)

‘Twas the night before deadline, and all through the office
Not a person was off-task (except maybe to write this.)
Orders were sent to the media with care
In hopes that the reps would all still be there.

The designer was nestled all snug in his chair
With big plans for inserts to meet deadlines there,
The media assistant plotted and planned season’s greetings
To schedule on Facebook before Wednesday’s team meeting.

When back by the ping pong table arose such a clatter
We sprang from our desks to see what was the matter.
Over the dog gate, we jumped like a flash
Which caused at least two – if not three – more to crash.

The glare from the camera lights created a glow
Around a strange apparition, an unforeseen show.
For what to our wondering eyes should appear
But a stack of red cups and eight bottles of beer.

Kelly pointed and said, “The work must get done
But it’s still Christmas week, so let’s have some fun.”
And quickly we grabbed them (it only happens so often)
And in moments the team had started to quaff them.

“Down Killian’s! Down Bud Light! Down Harp and Blue Moon!
Down Heineken, Down Corona, Sam Adams, and Coors!
From the cap on the top to the dregs of the bottle
Drink away, drink away, drink away all!”

As parched throats were quenched with that sweet hoppy nectar
We returned to our desks and repeatedly thanked her
Then sip as we did while plugging away
We knew all our deadlines would be met today.

While phones rang from reps and orders were placed,
Designs were created (and sometimes erased).
The copy was flying through edits and edits
A few clever phrases, hoping the client would “get it.”

Then off it all went (by e-mail, not bike)
Approved by the clients and agency alike.
When Christmas through New Year’s, all the ads ran
A Merry Christmas for all as all went to plan.

Cheers! Kelly Alexander & KCo Staff