This is a question that is asked many times. Should a business keep advertising if sales are down? Believe it or not you can find many reports that state you should always keep your name out there when things are tough. You might just have to reallocate the funds by utilizing your budget with ways that aren't as expensive but yet still may result in traffic to your business. There are several thing to try and some examples might be social media. Social Media is the fastest growing network right now and doesn't seem to be slowing down. Oh how I wish I had thought of Facebook! You can create an event or contest to attract customers. Who would have thought you could advertise something from the seat of your couch?  Other ideas that I know would be an event at your business, eblast with special offers, or digital marketing by using display ads with Google and Youtube. Display ads with Google and Youtube are very inexpensive. If you are currently using the traditional advertising maybe try mixing it up by changing the programs or dayparts around. Change it up! Do something! Doing the same thing that isn't working won't change anything. So how do you know which one will work better? You don't until you try. Try and try again until something works. Don't lose your share in the market.


My husband reminds me that if Thomas Edison gave up after several attempts we would not have electricity. Michael Jordan also had many failed attempts before succeeding to an NBA superstar.

"Michael Jordan considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time; his brief bio on he is described as ‘single-handedly redefining the NBA superstar’  and yet to get there he openly admits to failing more than most. In a famous ad campaign launched by ‘Nike’, Michael is quoted as saying he has:

  • Lost almost 300 games (that’s more games than many NBA players have court time in)

  • Missed over 9000 shots at goal (again more shots than an average NBA player even takes)

  • 26 times he was given the ball to take the game winning shot and MISSED

Depending on the type of industry you are in, when the economy is taking a downward turn, just remember you are not alone. It will bounce back. We just all hope and pray it doesn't last too long! IF so, pour yourself a glass of wine, shot of whiskey, or a tall blue moon(A wine called Red & Blue made from a winery in southern Illinois is my fav) and go to your happy place....every..... until it's over. Least that is what I am doing. lol

Cheers! Kelly Alexander & the KCo Staff