A business owner may be guilty of holding onto an employee who is negative hoping they will change. Trust me, they won’t unless you fire them! They not only will not change, but they will spread their negativity like it is cancer. This will cost a business way more than one employee. The bad employee, their co-workers, and your company’s ultimate success are all part of the overall equation. Also you may be surprised to know that keeping this negative employee will not help the employee. They already know they are negative. Taking action right away may show the employee that it will not be tolerated at all, and after once(hopefully) they will learn from this.

Terry Weaver, CEO of Chief Executive Board defines a toxic employee as someone who breeds discontent, causes problems for customers, colleagues and managers and lacks ethics.

“There’s no way to rehabilitate these types of workers,” he said.

“You can’t fix them,” he said. “You’ve got to fire them.”

I as the owner of Kelly & Co Advertising Agency, will not tolerate negative employees anymore. We may have recently, but no longer. It is not worth it to have someone there bring everyone else down. I have had other employees come to me reporting of the negativity, but I thought maybe they might change. Nope! So if you are a business owner and reading this, think twice before hanging on to them.

Kelly Alexander & Positive KCo Staff