Mobile advertising is becoming increasingly high in demand and popularity. With smartphones now acting as a person’s additional limb, it only makes sense that we try to reach consumers through that portal. At this point you have to wonder, what is the most convenient and relevant way for us to reach our consumer? Well, you know what they say, “Location, location, location.” 

This is where we find fresh and innovative technology like Geo-Fencing. Geo-Fencing is a software program that can use a GPS or RFID signal to create a sort of “fence” to market to customers within that barrier. It is a location-based service that enables the seller to send messages straight to the consumer when they enter a certain area, via their smartphone. This is a dream come true for marketers and sellers alike because now, instead of trying to get a customer to go somewhere and get something, the battle is already half-won. 

You could send a person a coupon for an item when they walk into your store or you could target someone who may be doing something complementary to your product. For example, 1-800-Flowers placed a Geo-Fence around jewelry stores near their flower store to target those people who are gift shopping. You can extend this into specific event targeting, customer loyalty, and even competitor locations. With event targeting, it is possible to find an event that would have many of your target audience, and be able to reach them. Or you could find an event that is near you or you are participating in, and try to encourage customers to visit your location. You could also use a customer loyalty factor to identify VIP customers and ensure they are well taken care of. The possibilities of this fresh and advanced technology are bountiful. 

The key with Geo-Fencing is to make sure you are not being intrusive or just plain annoying to your consumers. You want to make them happy that they are subscribed to this service. This is where it is key to make sure you have professionals working with you to provide relevant and engaging marketing to your consumers. This service can generally be opted out of by the consumer therefore, it is important to make sure it is done efficiently. When used correctly, you will have a direct way to engage with your consumer at the most opportune time and place. With the right strategy and content, this technology can be incredibly beneficial and profitable for your business. 


-Kelly Alexander & the KCo Staff