Prospective clients are just a click away. With billions of people on social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram, your brand’s potential reach is limitless. Data shows an average person can spend up to 50% of their day on social media, therefore designing and implementing a social media campaign to attract these customers is key. Social Media allows your business to monitor, analyze and optimize interactions between your brand and your clients. With so many options available it is important to know which platform will work best for your company. One major aspect of your campaign will be the budget.  Many sites offer paid and non-paid components to utilize. Platforms such as Facebook can target specific prospects based on many variables including preferred TV shows and/or fans of a certain major league baseball team and track their analytics.

 Social Media advertising and marketing techniques differ from that of traditional advertising, requiring fresh content, not repetitive commercials like that of TV and radio.  The ROI (Return On Investment) is four times higher than the ROI of Direct Mail, which proves social media is a necessary component of your brand’s modern day integrated marketing strategy.  Social Networking allows you to engage new clients as well as maintain interaction with current clients using photo and video ads.  It is important to remember that 80% of social networking user’s access social media on a mobile device allowing for 24/7 contact.  Today’s ads must be designed with mobile use in mind. With so many marketing advantages available for any budget, it is crucial to have as much visibility as possible to grow your business.

-Kelly Alexander & the KCo Staff