Facebook allows businesses to not only boost a post, but to run campaigns across Facebook, which can do wonders for attracting a target audience. Campaigns allow you to reach people where they are at that moment. Facebook campaigns will give you more information than any other traditional media. The cost per thousand is very inexpensive compare to other marketing and has more of an immediate return on investment.  



Are you seeing the same ad all over the Internet? Starting to think someone is following you? That’s the magic of retargeting. Retargeting is an advertising tool that uses cookies to track people interested in a product or service and then serve them ads to keep that product or service top of mind, making it an excellent tool for advertisers to stay in touch with people who have expressed an interest in a product.

e-mail surveys


One thing every business owner learns quickly is that keeping customers is much less expensive than acquiring new ones, but how do you keep people coming back? When looking for areas to improve and grow, e-mail surveys can be a powerful tool to identify a business' strengths and weaknesses.

Don't forget, though, that if someone gives you their time to provide feedback, give them something to say thanks!

targeted landing pages


Targeted Landing Pages – what’s the point? Isn’t my home page good enough? In short, not usually. When you redirect people to your Web site from a digital ad or e-mail, they should see a message specific to the call-to-action that brought them there, so you can engage them right away with details related to the information they were seeking. You can also track how many people visited that landing page by making individual pages for each campaign.