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An exceptional Web site is the single most important tool in a business owner’s tool belt, and it is becoming increasingly critical for that Web site to be optimized for mobile devices. We work hard to ensure the Web sites we create are unique, high-quality rivals to any national-level site at a cost any local business can afford. Whether you want to stand out with a powerful, informative Web site or create a new revenue stream from online shoppers, Kelly & Co has the solution to your modern business needs.  We can complete a simple site in 30 days and cost less than you may realize.

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Schaefer & Dupree

Our Challenge: Create a not-your-average website design for a pair of lawyers using engaging effects yet a simple & professional design.

Our Solution: We used a simple color scheme with a minimalist layout. Everything is on the homepage and details are on other pages. We added animations and affects to most of the imagery on the website to create an engaging and interactive site.

rogy's laundry

Our Challenge: Put a new business on the online map with a simple and easy to navigate site that is highly mobile-focused and still visually interesting.

Our Solution: Make a site with a small amount of content with eye-catching elements like a 360 degree picture of the laundromat. 

Shelley leasing inc.

Our Challenge: To expand a one-page, low copy site to a full website with brand information as well as create a more eye-catching site.

The Solution: Created extensive copy describing all aspects of business across multiple pages for Shelley Leasing. Found all new images depicting the usage for ice rather than just of the ice machines themselves for visual appeal. Incorporated the already-existing logo into a new color scheme.

hermes commercial grab.PNG

hermes commercial

Our Challenge: Create a new and organized site using heavy content. Must be sufficient for equipment brands to feature them.

Our Solution: Take all content and organize it into a clear Sitemap. Make the site visually appealing yet full of information. Use plenty of equipment brand photos to help SEO and brand involvement.