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A Marketing Consultant - "is an outside advisor who works with companies to create and implement marketing strategies."

When to Hire a Marketing Consultant

Both small businesses with no marketing experts on staff and large companies with a dedicated marketing department can use the advice of a marketing consultant. Hiring a marketing consultant can:

  • Supply specialized skills and expertise that a company lacks.

  • Provide an external viewpoint to internal challenges.

  • Prompt a new perspective on customers or marketing strategies.

  • Allow a business to focus on product development and overall operations.

  • Provide a roadmap to improve the marketing performance and ROI

  • Want to handle your own marketing, but just need some advice on how to get the best ROI you can. 

  • Need explanation of online reporting.


Depending on the size of your marketing needs and budget, some plans are as low as $500 a month.
You will receive:

  • Professional marketing advice for your type of industry.

  • Marketing plan for a month, quarter or year. 

  • Monthly advice for any new marketing packages that come your way. Do you receive these wonderful

"advertising packages of the day" from media reps? How do you know it's a great rate? That is where we come in. We will advise you whether it is or not. 

  • A dedicated team member to guide you through the process and achieve your goals. 

With hiring us as a consultant, this will still give you 100% control of your advertising, you will still place your advertising, and have contacts with media, just with our advice on the back end. This is completely different than KCo being your agency of record which is handling, planning and placing all your marketing. 

We Specialize in

  • SEM- Search and Display with Google and Bing Ads

  • All Social Media 

  • YouTube

  • SEO

  • Streaming platforms

  • TV, Radio & Print Advertising

  • Graphic Design

Why Us?

  • Over 20 years in marketing and12 years owning an advertising agency we have the skills and knowledge.

  • Certified in Digital Marketing

  • Quick Response time. Never have to wait more than a few hours to receive a response. Most of the time it is within an hour. 

  • Have someone dedicated to help you achieve your goals. This is what we do every day. 

  • We think outside the box and give ideas to set yourself apart from your competitors.

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