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You need a way to deliver targeted ads to your consumers where they actually live, work and play.

Geo-Targeting uses GPS or RFID signals to hone in on your target customers within a certain boundary. It is a location-based service that enables the seller to deliver ads straight to the consumer who fits into their target market, and is in the selected area. This is a dream come true for marketers and sellers alike because now, instead of trying to get a consumer to come to you, you can focus on consumers who are already around you and match your market. Geo-Targeting will converge consumer criteria, such as demographics, interests, online behaviors, as well as location. This service can be equipped for mobile, tablet, computer, or even gaming devices with internet access.

KCo can help craft your message and get it to the your consumers in style.  


With KCo, there’s no fine print to look out for.  

Contact us for more information to start the process of your new marketing campaign.

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