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KCo offers clients more than just the traditional Print, TV, and Radio advertising. We are always caught up with the changing times and know where ad money is well spent. Different ad campaigns need to target different demographics, which means finding the right medium to reach that audience. The creative needs to be unique as well, especially in today's market. Whether it's still images, written word, or video production, our creative team produces

eye-catching material that's guaranteed to attract the attention of paying customers.

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From small business sites to complex or multi-SKU eCommerce storefronts, we will construct an interface that is easy for your customers to shop.  KCo will help convert those clicks and likes into profits.

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Videos have a greater chance of building trust in potential customers and makes them feel comfortable with what you're selling.

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A location-based service that enables the seller to deliver ads straight to the consumer in a small area around their business. Want to target people who are just blocks away from your business? No problem.

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We're living in a multi-screen, cross-platform world. Take advantage of connected TV, mobile and outstream/native video.

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Getting your site seen on the first page of search engine results. Optimizing your website to match searches is critical to survive in today's digital market.

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Social Media platforms afford brands the opportunity to zero in on their target customers and push relevant ads or offers into their digital path. It's how people interact. It's how people discover. It's how people shop.

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IP Targeting enables you to target unique users at a specific household or business location using their IP Address.  

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Audiences that are exposed to Display Advertising have a 30% higher chance of searching for the advertised brand.

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