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Your website is your most important promotional tool...make it work  for you.

You need a site that converts clicks into sales, not one that just looks pretty for your friends. 

Whether you are selling your product online or showcasing your business services, your website is the single most important part of your advertising strategy.  It must be easy to navigate and has to get the right information in front of your customer while you have their attention.

KCo can help craft your message and get it to the web in style.  From small business sites to complex or multi-SKU eCommerce storefronts, we will construct an interface that is easy for your customers to shop.  KCo will help convert those clicks and likes into profits.


With KCo, there’s no fine print to look out for.  We don’t hold websites hostage by locking you into long-term service contracts.  Our web-building interface makes it simple for our clients to make most edits themselves, or we can maintain the site for them.  You own and control the work you pay for.  The old saying is true, you get what you pay for. If you don’t want to be stuck with a site that’s more of a hindrance than a help to your marketing efforts, work with a reputable agency that’s on top of Google’s policies and best practices, as well as the latest design trends. Make sure that it’s in your contract that you own your site, even if you part ways with the web developer, and that you can make changes to it on your own. Don’t let another company control you and your website. That is just bad practice. 

Contact us for more information to start the process of your new site.

*30 days is for a typical small site without e-commerce

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