During this crisis, some of our clients are switching gears with their business to keep some dollars coming in. Here are some examples our customers are putting into action right NOW.



• Alcohol business-You can offer free pick up or delivery. Place order online or by phone.


• Furniture business: If you sell refrigerators you are probably still open. If not, you can have your products available on your website for them to order, chat with a representative. Remember Wayfair sells furniture online.


• Flooring business: Sell online. People are home right now looking for projects to do.


• Lawyers-Offer free video chat to discuss your case.


• Retail stores-Order online and delivery.


• Fitness Equipment Retail Stores-Most are still open. Gyms are closing so this industry is actually doing well because people still want to be active and will now exercise at home.


• Restaurants-Offer carry out and delivery. Or maybe you sell apparel that you can sell online.


• Medical Offices-Offer video chat with your clients.


Make your product or service available online. Sell your products either with your Facebook or Website. If you are a service business, maybe you can offer your services through video chat?

Maybe some of your employees that work inside the store can do delivery or online orders to keep them employed.


Remember MORE people are online than EVER before. Create online campaigns to let your customers know you have these products and services available to keep people safe.


We offer online campaigns such as Google and Facebook that will get your message out. As mentioned above, MORE people are online than ever before.


Update your website and facebook regularly so they know you are open even if it is only online. Make sure your website and Facebook have the hours you are open.


• Install Chat on your website. This is a simple plug in that can be added so you can answer your clients immediately.


• Use Chat on your facebook page. This is vital right now. A lot of people are wanting to know if places are open, what their hours are, if they deliver or can order online.



This may not be 100%, but it may help some. If you need assistance with any of this please let us know.


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